Disclaimer: Even in this late apostate time, there are many useful links still scattered throughout the internet, letting us know that there are still 7000 that have not bowed the knee to Baal. Not sure how long it will be allowed to continue, but we ought to take advantage of them while they are still available. As with all things discernment is recommended though. The posting of links does not necessarily indicate entire agreement with the article or site linked to; however I believe the links below may prove useful to you at some point in your walk.

Apology Links

General information concerning cults and false religions
Watchman Expositor 2001 Index of Cults and Religions
Watchman Cult Articles

Information on the teachings/fallacies of the Roman Catholic Church.
Help out of the Roman Catholic Church from Richard Bennett (Ex R.C. priest)
Berean Beacon

A good site for comparative info in ministering to Muslims
Answering Islam

Information for helping people out of Freemasonry
Saving Masons

Information on the Church of Christ (AKA Campbelites, etc.)
Is the Church of Christ a Cult

Information on the Cooneyites (AKA 2x2’s, Go-preachers, Irvinites, etc.)
Telling the Truth

Information from MBC on the Millennial Exclusion cult of J.D. Faust
Analysis of: J.D. Faust- The Rod Will God Spare it?

Cooper Abrams ministry to Mormons.
Bible Truth-Mormonism

Apostasy Links

Some interesting information regarding the state of the church and the world by Andy and Berit Kjos
Kjos Ministries -Articles

The ministry of Martin and Deidre Bobgan regarding the infiltration and syncretism of Psychology into the visible church.
Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries

Edify Links

The Complete works of John Bunyan
Bunyan Ministries

Some of the works of John Owen known as the Prince of the Puritans
John Owen Works

Some of the works of Jonathan Edwards, an instrument of the Great Awakening
Jonathan Edwards Works

Some of the works of Thomas Watson, a personal favorite of mine.
Thomas Watson Reading Room

The VERY BEST audio ministry online available today Dr. Martyn LLoyd Jones with over 1600 audio sermons available for download


Logos Resources is a good teaching ministry of David Brown
Logos Resource Pages

1 Timothy 4:13, a ministry of Michael Todd
1 Timothy 4:13

The Peoples Gospel Hour an excellent radio ministry of the late Perry F. Rockwood
The Peoples Gospel Hour

The Moorings a ministry of Ed Rickard
The Moorings

Bible Believers ministry
Bible Believers

Select sermons of D.L. Moody
D. L. Moody Sermons

Street Preacher’s Home Page
Street Preachers’ Handbook


This site is primarily focused on end times issues.
Rapture Ready


Richard Baxter’s "The Saints Rest", you will want to read it to find out what it is about
The Saint’s Rest


Joseph Alleine’s "Alarm to the Unconverted", if you would like a good check on the salvation of your soul, this is a great book to read.
Alarm to the Unconverted

Richard Baxter’s "A Call to the Unconverted", if Alleine doesn’t pull the mask of hypocrisy off, Baxter is also willing to give it his best.
A Call to the Unconverted


An alternate site with “The Fundamentals”. I have sent hundreds of links to this site out over the years, but the traffic there often times overwhelms the bandwidth.
The Fundamentals


Short summaries of the heresies


Invisible Church articles
The Visible vs the Invisible Church


Foreign language gospel tract for your ministry travels.
God’s Simple Plan



Cyberhymnal, a collection of almost 7000 hymns in Midi format with words and bio’s of the writers.
Cyberhymnal (New site name: Hymntime)

Stories of how hymns have affected many
Amazing Hymn Stories


I don’t think there is any book that more needs to be read on this topic than this one by Ralph Venning
The Sinfulness of Sin AKA Sin the Plague of Plagues

If there is one that comes very close though, it is this one by Jeremiah Burroughs
The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment


A very good, economical Bible Study software. - Highly recommended
Swordsearcher Bible Study Software

An online Authorized Version Bible
King James Bible

This is R.A. Torrey’s Topical Textbook online, and is invaluable in study, PLEASE check it out and make it a partner in your study (Note: It is part of both software packages)
Torrey’s Topical Textbook

The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, the ultimate Bible cross-reference tool (Note: It is part of both software packages)
The Treasure of Scripture Knowledge

Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible (Note: It is part of both software packages)
Matthew Henry’s Complete Commentary on the Whole Bible

J.A. Seiss invaluable commentary on the book of Revelation. J.A. Seiss Commentary on the Apocalypse-Amazon

No study is complete without history, and Miller’s Church History is one of the best records of the history of the church.
Miller’s Church History

This site does a reasonable job answering many Bible questions
Got Questions

A list of Christian bookstores
Grace and Truth Books
Solid Ground Christian Books
Banner of Truth Books

A couple Audio Christian Bookstores
Audio Books
At What Price Truth

Recommended books:
Puritan Paperbacks


A fairly comprehensive list of biographies of the visible church past
CCEL Biographies

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